Taste Test

I am a certified foodie.

“Who certified you Ebun?”

I proudly did! 😊

I recognize an exceptional talent, and I certify it. Second to Jesus, food is bae.

While some of you shake your head at my shameless confession, allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite foods: Pounded Yam. 

Let the church say, “Amen!”🙌

Usually eaten with Egusi, Ogbono, or even Gbegiri soup, pounded yam is a tasty Nigerian dish, heavy in carbs. It’s a smoother yet heavier version of mashed potatoes.

Sometimes I’ve found myself in front of a large serving of pounded yam at the onset of one of my “clean-eating” diets, knees on the ground, asking God to not only bless my food, but to magically turn approximately 20g of total carbs and saturated fats into minimal saturated fats and more dietary fibre.

After all, Jesus did turn water into wine, so why not turn tasty, starchy and fatty foods into not-so-tasty salads and green juices?

Ultimately, I wanted the benefits of a good decision by making a poor one.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a sticky situation simply because I made a decision without God’s approval. Choosing to go to an event that I really wanted to go to simply because all the cool people would be around and my friends were going, only to find out it was a poor utilization of my time and energy; even though I knew my Father would not be happy with my decision, I would pray that He bless my decision anyway. 

Choosing a new job/activity, new school, life partner, etc are common choices usually powered by fleshly impulses. We see the large paycheck, the human accolades, the attractive body, and are suddenly convinced that certainly, “God must desire this for me”, without even checking in with Him.

Such a shallow approach to life will ultimately lead to frustration, disappointment, and confusion. All troubles that can be avoided if we learn to stop in our tracks and just ask Him what His will is. It is not wise to automatically assume that because you crave it, God must too. Like strawberries, not all choices that come your way are sweet. You can’t determine the sour ones from the sweet just by looking at them, you have to taste them. In this case, your taste test is poring over His Word, continuously supplicating to God for His Divine direction, and patiently waiting for that still, small voice. If experience has taught me anything so far, it is that all the money, or awards, or abdominal muscles in the world will never be enough if God’s hand isn’t on it or His presence not there. If He says no, I must let it go because I’ve noticed that His blessings end up outweighing my desires, wherever He is.


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