I want to be a nuisance

The type of nuisance that makes the enemy tremble each morning I open my eyes.

The type of nuisance that makes him restrain his armed troops, telling them “It’s useless. You’ll waste all our artillery on her.”

The type of nuisance, that when Sergeant Major #1 replies “But General, we just got a fresh batch of fear a couple hours back”, Satan responds:

“Unfortunately, she is well aware that she possesses the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind when she received the Holy Spirit”.

The type of nuisance that renders Sergeant Major #1 speechless, replying with a stumped, “oh…..”

The type of nuisance that when Sergeant Major #2 confidently retorts “Surely, doubt of the future should do the trick…it always does!”

Satan answers “Sadly, we are too late because she already found out that her Dad has a prosperous plan for her. She actually believes she has a hope and a future!”

The type of nuisance that when Sergeant Major #3 persists on “…interrupting her quiet time, we can cut her straight from the source”, Satan tearfully answers:

“I tried that already by breaking all of Hell loose in her life, especially during her morning quiet time, but she JUST. WON’T. QUIT!” With his palms to his face in defeat, Satan mumbles “Her prayer life is killing me. She’s just too hot to touch.”

The type of nuisance that makes the devil aware of the futility of his tricks and lies; aware that he lost the battle of my life and now has to resort to be on the defensive.

I strive to be a nuisance.


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