Knock Knock

Those who have been in the presence of a two-year-old know that they can and will try you. I’m talking, your patience will be tested to the point where you start to think that no other life test can surpass this one. They are bossy, vocal, and quite the opinionated little munchkins. But one trait that cuts through all two-year-olds is their resounding “No!” Chile, they can run circles around you chanting that two letter word; it’s almost like they’re gifted with it. Most times it doesn’t matter what you are telling them to do, if they aren’t feeling it (which is always), they will let you know. “Johnny, time for your bath” “No!” “Eniola, eat your mashed potatoes. You haven’t eaten all day” “No!!” “Sweetie, …” “No!” Yet, parents don’t listen. Why? Because no matter how vocal the child is, the response of the parent is to ignore their two-year-old, who may not necessarily be capable of knowing what is in their own best interest; all parents care about is making sure their child is fed, bathed, safe and healthy. No matter what it takes. Oh yes, they may endure scratches and punches, look like they’d been to the war trenches, maybe lose an eye in the process, but that doesn’t stop parents from doing what they know they have to do. 

It’s the same idea when it comes to you pursuing that opportunity, venture, dream, ministry, career, etc. That’s your baby. You put in applications, make calls and get rejected or declined. That’s the resounding “No”. The path to you achieving your goals may seem like a series of doors slammed in your face. You seem to be losing time, effort, money, and hope. You can’t let that stop you. You’ve got to ignore. Fight back! It may seem like your baby doesn’t like you, but only you know that once you listen to those “No’s” , you’re giving up on the well being of your child. Don’t let that happen. You’ve got to keep pushing through,  keep knocking, keep applying, keep envisioning your ultimate dream coming into fruition and knowing that all your efforts will be worth it in the end. Once a door slams in your face, don’t worry about it. Walk on over to the next door and knock like nothing happened. You have not failed. You have just not found that one opportunity, that one door that was meant to open to you and you alone. It’s out there. It really is, just waiting for you. It’s when you give up that you never know what one more knock truly had in store for you. 


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