Head Above the Clouds

Seat-belt is fastened. Baggage is stowed carefully under the seat in front of you. Side window sill is lifted up. Your eyes are closed, your body jiggles as it speeds up the runway, your ears pop as you ascend into the sky, and then …

… stillness.

After the seat-belt sign is turned off, babies are pacified from the discomfort of ascension, and all commotion is over, you look out your window, and notice you’re among the clouds. Nothing but fluffy, white clouds at every angle, as far as the eye can see. If it wasn’t from the confidence that you paid good money for the pilot to take you to your destination, you wouldn’t be able to tell from the monotony of clouds around you that you are actually moving. It isn’t until you descend out of the clouds and into a new environment that you can notice the progress that you have made. But for now, you shut your eyes, rest your head on the headrest, and just relax until your destination is reached.

Unlike an airplane flight, it is very easy not to progress in life once you’ve reached the monotony of clouds. Watch out for those monotonous clouds. Don’t get too comfortable in a stagnant environment, that you become dormant yourself. Such victims allow their environment to dictate their own life progress, using the general accomplishments of their community or those around to be the sole yardstick with which to base their capabilities.

Gradually stillness settles in and unfortunately when they dip out of the clouds, they find themselves in the same position they started in – sometimes, further back.

How would you know you’re in the clouds?

If the people around you are allergic to change and deeply hold on to a ‘this-is-how-it-is-usually-done’ or ‘this-is-how-our-ancestors-did-it’ belief.

If you find yourself in situations where every single one of your suggestions/ideas are being passively discouraged by others (sometimes, by their body language).

If you see yourself pitching tents in mediocrity and have every justification for staying there.

If the word “dynamic” has been erased from your vocabulary and your eyes have blurred to just tunnel vision. In other words, if you have lost zeal for your life, and your view of a greater future is quite hazy.

Mathematically, it’s quite simple:

No spark + no zeal + no comprehensive perspective = you’re just floating in the clouds baby.

Change the equation and alter your scenery. Get around people that will stimulate you, stay with those that will encourage you, watch videos that inspire you, read books that will uplift you, and make friends with those that will positively challenge you.

Don’t be a statistic that involves those who are alive but not living. Sometimes a new environment is all that is necessary to remind you of why you exist on this earth. Take that vacation if you need to. Renew, rejuvenate, and rekindle the fire within, and as you ascend into the skies, don’t let the cooler temperature extinguish that fire.


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