Goodbye To an Age-Old Companion

Like the familiar aroma of mama’s moi-moi, you welcomed me home

Like a warm, luxurious bubble bath, you called my name

Like the chirping of birds in the morning, there you were

Like the alertness of owls at night, you tucked me to bed

12 am to 11:59  pm, there you were

I was your Samson, you were my Delilah 

I found solace in your treacherous bosom

Eyes blind to the ramifications

I held on two betrayals too long

But alas, they call me Solomon now

Trading my folly for acuity

Cutting you, not my crowning glory

Because you see, God’s strength is in my hair

I am sure you’re well aware

Your game plan was without tear

By the power of Christ in me I peel myself from your embrace

And wipe the trance from my face

This toxic relationship ends now

No more betrayal, I vow

I have a destiny to fulfill 

For the love of God’s will

I echo Swift with thrill:

We are never getting back together 

Never in good or bad weather

It’s time I let go of you dear

Good riddance good-for-nothing friend, fear


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