A shrimp’s heart is located in its head

One more fact:

You are radically good.

You are good…

My oh my, you are soo good…

Guy reading this, you are so darn good man!

Girl, you are mind-blowing good.

If you needed a sign today, here it is:


“But Ebun, you don’t know what I did the other day…” – YOU. ARE. GOOD.

“Pfft! If only you took a front row seat to my thoughts…” – You would still be insanely good.

“That’s cute and all, but you’re the only one/thing that’s telling me that…” – Well, it is absolutely true. The number of people telling you how good you are does not make this statement any more or less true; it’s high time you started telling yourself this statement, and if you believe it, then you don’t need somebody else’s affirmation really.

“But why?!?”

I’ll tell you why:

  • You are wonderfully and fearfully made (also Bible talk for, “you are one good looking human being!”).
  • You are the child of the Most High.
  • You’ve got it all (family, friends, education, food, the miracle of life, air to breath, the fact that you’re reading this post) going on.
  • You bring a unique perspective to this world that NO ONE else has. The world desperately needs both you and your touch.
  • You are improving each and every single day.
  • You are simple the bomb dot com just by being you.

Gosh darn it, you’re fabulous and no one can hold a candle to you!

All I ask is that you:

Own it… Believe it… Flaunt it.


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