Excuses… They say pride cometh before a fall but I’m pretty sure excuses is up there on that list too. Why do we do that to ourselves?? Right on the verge of a breakthrough, we convince ourselves we are not worth the extra effort. For instance, so many people start off the new year practically camping in the fitness center and a week later, holding TV-binge marathons for several weeks in their plush sofa, bag of chips and pretzels in hand. We have made the excuse that “we’ve done enough” when we know deep within us, that this is the beginning of a failed new year’s resolution.

Why do we let laziness win? In John 5, there was a lame man who sat by a pool, which possessed the power to heal him. Yet for a whole THIRTY EIGHT YEARS!!! he never bothered to inch his way to that pool, which I assume was just a few feet away. His excuse? Other people would crowd up his way, thus blocking him from entering the pool. Can you imagine? In almost four decades, he didn’t see the need for his life to be more than a cripple at the side of the pool. He blamed “others”. What are YOU blaming? Lack of money? A rotten childhood? An abusive partner? A health condition? What excuse are you giving permission to control your life? Whatever your answer is, I am going to ask you the same question Jesus asked the crippled man: do you want to get well? I mean, do you REALLY want to live a life worth living for? Because news flash my dear, other people will not do it for you. No sir, they will not. They too are waiting for their own turn by the poolside, solving their own issues. You need to decide that enough is enough. Don’t let your excuses let you rot in a life that was never meant for mediocrity in the first place. You were made for so so SO much more. But it’s up to you. When you’re ready, and I mean truly ready to not be incapacitated by your excuses anymore, you’ll pick up that mat and simply walk away. 


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