“Did I Make A Mistake?”

“I’ve been thinking that dropping out of the first university I attended wasn’t a smart move. This is because if I had stayed back, I would have, pretty much, been rounding up by now. What do you think?”

I completely understand where you are coming from. Funny enough, I felt the exact way when I decided to go a different path, after school, than my classmates. Most of my classmates opted to enter into industries that pretty much guaranteed immediate tremendous compensation. I’m talking about the type of money that makes you drool, and here I was ‘deviating’ from the assumed path because I wanted to pursue purpose. I was even too embarrassed to tell my professors what my “next step” was when asked.

However, what I eventually came to understand through God’s loving teaching moments over the years, which I think He’s also teaching you too, at this stage in your life, is that God is the only one that holds everyone’s future. We all have different futures, different races to run, and God is so good, His will for you is always “for your good”, especially when you allow Him to do His thing with you.

When you do this thing called life, His way, your life will turn out to be so worth it and so purposeful, that when you look back at these times, you’ll understand why you had to go through what you went through. The fact that you went through what you went through, with God’s grace, shows that He’s not finished with you.

There’s so much He has in store for you, that this is just the beginning of greater things.

Yes, staying back in the university may have guaranteed almost rounding up your schooling days, and being “ahead”, but I believe where you are now is where God wants you to be. Think about it, through all of this, you’re most likely more patient, closer to God, more determined to succeed, more studious, and possibly closer to your family. You know what a better person you are because of these circumstances. These are all positive things that came out of that ‘trial’ period, and for that, you shouldn’t regret where you are in life. Yes, you are not where you want to be (yet!), but thank God you aren’t where you used to be.

Time and chance happeneth to them all. Your time is coming. Live for God along the way, and trust Him to guide you in everything. I hope this helps!

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels


  1. Adeola Andrew
    August 1, 2020 / 7:29 am

    Being in God’s perfect will is the best place to be
    Thanks for this truth.

  2. Carol LaFOn
    August 1, 2020 / 3:09 pm


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