Cue Shades

There is this viral video that dramatically illustrates the process of conception. From a very tumultuous race between 200-600 million sperms hurtling through the rugged terrains that is the Fallopian tube, to the victorious union between just one and only one sperm and an egg, to the miraculous transformation into a heart-beating, cell-forming, thumb sucking human being.

*check out the video here*

You’re a physical phenomenon! Literally!!

If you think about it, the chance that your mother’s ovum, which represents half of your genome, would collide with that one sperm from your father, representing the other half, is 0.0000005% at best! This doesn’t even touch the complications that come with carrying a child to full term.

I say all this to illustrate that your existence wasn’t by accident or chance. It’s possible that the circumstances around your conception was, but your being alive right this moment was already determined and purposely planned by someone who knew the importance for your life. God says that before he formed you in your mother’s belly, he knew you [Jeremiah 1:5]. Your favorite color(s), your aversion for that certain food, your triumphs and struggles (past, present, and future), God Almighty knew [insert your full name], way before your parents met.

And because you weren’t formed due to a flimsy afterthought, you are never meant to live a flimsy life. Mediocrity is never your right, and is never an option for you. Greatness is well and alive in you baby, and until you fully realize and accept that, your God-given destiny won’t be able to emerge in all its fullness and glory. And don’t be fooled into thinking that because another person has achieved greatness in their own life, there’s no more space in the world for you, nor you have to achieve the same amount of greatness as someone else. That is a lie from the enemy, because you were never made to be an imitation of someone else. You are not a robot, but rather an individual with your own unique ideas and talents, and you owe it to your Maker to let yourself shine through and through. You will encounter many that will try to show you otherwise, telling you to “tone down who you are”, that no one will accept your outgoing personality, or your out-of-the box ideas, or your too-far-to reach dreams. Your response to them is to hand them a pair of shades, and keep shining as bright as you can. Because when you realize that you were made for so much more than just a mediocre existence on planet earth, and you begin to step into a life that was pre-destined for greatness, you start to inspire the very ones that believe otherwise, and remind them that before their mother’s egg collided with their father’s one sperm, they too were already meant for a life of exceptionalism.


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