Baby Leaps

My dearest aunt and uncle have a sweet, two year baby girl who is absolutely running the show. She’s crawling, walking, chatting, and can definitely show you with absolute dexterity her head, shoulders, knees and toes! Absolutely adorable and a pleasurable handful. This beauty can run around the living room, kitchen, and play area with total confidence and boldness, but once she reaches the stairs and is ready to come down, she halts for about 30 milliseconds, reaches her tiny fingers upwards, and utters a command. To the adults around her, she’s speaking ‘baby’, with the pacifier mumbling most of her attempted words, but to her, she has just undisputedly ordered for immediate assistance down the stairs. In response, an adult index finger endures the strong grip of a baby’s firm grasp, as she carefully guides her leg down the very first step. But once the first step is conquered, my sweet little girl all of a sudden feels she can jump the rest of the steps, taking leaps of 3 steps at a time, all while maintaining a firm grip on her adult support. 

The drastic change from her initial fearful and careful state to her confident and careless abandon always makes me smile and wonder. The same careful child who felt she was inadequate to take the stairs alone a few moments earlier, suddenly feels invincible as long as her adult support is there. She knows that she can trust the person who is guiding her with absolute confidence; her adult support will never let her fall. She can basically be ‘super-baby’ and glide down the very stairs she saw as an obstacle at first glance.

It’s as if she knew the principles of Proverbs 3:5 which says “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;”

She reminds me of my need to trust God absolutely by throwing myself and all my cares into His loving and caring arms, not trying to figure out if and how He takes care of me. Just trusting Him.

Who knew a baby could teach me what it looks like to trust? 


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