27 Things Life Is Teaching Me

  1. Jesus is seriously the way, the truth, and the life. Don’t get it twisted. 
  2. You don’t need permission to be happy.
  3. Find the courage to let go when the expiration date has reached. 
  4. Love and forgiveness can be instant, but trust has to grow. 
  5. Prayer and fasting break strongholds.
  6. Be your own best friend. You are your truest confidant and no one can take care of you like you can. 
  7. Be intentional about the environment you place yourself in. Diligently surround yourself with positivism everywhere you go.
  8. Be very generous – with money, with time, with love, with compassion. These things boomerang in the form of intense fulfillment.
  9. Be kind, no matter what. You never know what another person is going through.
  10. Don’t take life too seriously. You’re not getting out alive, so why stress? Life is way too precious not to enjoy the journey. 
  11. Good sleep and a good laugh. Honestly, the best medicines in the world. 
  12. Don’t be selfish with your compliments. Make ’em rain baby. 
  13. Know the difference between guarding your heart and walling your heart. One protects; the other isolates. 
  14. Money and family can’t make you happy.
  15. Simplify 👏🏽simplify 👏🏽simplify👏🏽 Did I mention simplify?! If there’s a simpler way to do it, please do! 
  16. If someone shows you who they are, absolutely believe them. 
  17. Do not solely follow your ‘heart’ (feelings). That thing is deceitful.
  18. Apart from the person in the mirror, you cannot change anybody.
  19. Love people EXACTLY as they are – including yourself. 
  20. Our world is decaying. Be salty.
  21. You are already in purpose. You are exactly where you need to be right now.
  22. Your goodness doesn’t change a person’s character. 
  23. You may not be where you want to be, but thank God Almighty you aren’t where you used to be.
  24. Fear pulls everything out of focus. 
  25. “No” is a complete sentence. 
  26. Every single person is too preoccupied thinking about their own issues, lives, and personal matters; we are all figuring out this thing called life, so cut people some slack. 
  27. You’re not buried, baby girl, you’re planted. 

I would love to hear from you! What are some things life is teaching you?

Photo by Stefan Stefancik from Pexels


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